Group Therapy; a Way to Heal Hurt

Here is a story as old as time; people hurt people.  Inside of this age-old story, I believe:

1.    No one escapes hurt.  

2.     Hurt happens in the context of relationship, and so does healing.

Group therapy affords clients the most efficient and effective opportunity to work through hurt, to work on healing the bruises and wounds that time hasn’t seemed to heal.

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Taking that First Step; a Pre-Therapy Primer

“I made it to my first workout class!”  This was a text my friend sent to me early one Tuesday morning.  To understand how exciting this really is, you need to understand my friend Brian had been solo attempting different home workout videos for more than a year.  He knew he wanted to attend a class to benefit from professional instruction and needed camaraderie to stay motivated, but nearly every morning he could find a new and better excuse to stay home.  The text meant Brian finally decided to leave his living room, and excuses, behind and give class a try.  Guess what, he loved it!  Purchased a quarterly package and sent the follow up text, “Don’t know what kept me from giving class a try.”

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Reconciliation through Apology

Often times in therapy the central topic of a session is processing when someone has done something ‘wrong.’  From my perspective as a therapist, the simplest type of ‘wrong’ is when the offending or ‘wrong’ party feels a sense of guilt, admits fault, and wants reconciliation.  (Other times a session is centered around a disagreement of if the client’s action(s) or words are in fact ‘wrong,’ but the work of this type of session is entirely different than the focus of this article.) 


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